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Our Team


Managing Partner/C.E.O


Group Executive Officer - Infrastructure

Mary Adekanle
Isaac Chigozie
Ada Megan
Catherine Luis David
James Spet
Brinet Carol

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What our customers are saying?

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Jay Alexander Simeon Marketing Pro
Hmm... was having issues with my goods being stolen from my Office, cause I run a Clothing Store and my security footage were not seeing any items been stolen. I discussed this with a friend of mine and She introduced me to Integrated Data Capture Solution Limited. I hit them up and the issue was resolved. I want to say A very Big Thank you!!
Mary Segaline Omolade Proprietress
In my School, Raising Star Montessori School. Staffs had a habit of perpetual lateness. Pondering on how to stop/reduce these. I got introduced to a system of Card to tap in whenever any staff comes at the gate. These system was introduced by Isaac Chigozie a good friend of mine who works at IDSC (Integrated Data Capture Solutions Ltd) who is the developer there. I have since been thanking for the Idea.
Wale Adekanbi Writer of Coffee House
Working with Integrated Data Capture Solutions Ltd was a wonderful experience that wish everyone needing their goods and services should link up with them. They organized one of the fastest, Secured Cards for transaction that I use today. Have a lot of things to say about them. Thank you all for your unending Hardworking towards accomplishing the Project